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Be your true self

Published Jul 30, 2015, 4:24 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 9:17 am IST
Don’t bluff yourself by believing that you are this body
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As Shams of Tabriz exclaimed to Rumi, “Where are our fathers and mothers, whose seeds are we, and how close are our children who are born to us, even the wives/husbands we share our lives with?” 
Don’t bluff yourself by believing that you are this body. This body is yours but you are not this body. Unaware, we run after something and somewhere — a position or a tag that we desperately want to display to society in a bid to prove ourselves. Dear friends, most people around here are filled with the misery of unawareness. Do you think any worldly achievements could give them any light?
We all start comparing ourselves and our achievements with others, without realising that we are unknowingly living their lives! You are unique, born for a different life purpose. Don’t confuse your life purpose with that of another. We all need to make special and unique contributions to the world, and this can happen only when we are truly ourselves.  
Whatever we achieve or do is just for us. Don’t judge your achievements by the standards of the world. In fact, judge your achievements by the amount of peace and happiness you feel each day, when you wake up and before you sleep. If you don’t possess a brilliant job or an amazing house in a posh colony, or if you don’t have fame equivalent to the talent you have, don’t lose heart. If getting the best job package was the point of living, then why are most people in high positions not at peace? And if finding a life partner meant happiness, then why would the divorce rate have risen so much? 
If you are a musician, sing from your soul. Serve this world with the greatest music you can create. Don’t sing for fame, as you might get disillusioned once you start climbing the ladder of success. You might lose a lot more than you think in this journey. In fact, be so true and authentic that fame comes running to you. The crowd runs after new and unique things. If you copy others or manipulate to gain fame, all that  you create will be castles of sand. 
It’s not wrong to enjoy the pleasures this world offers, but not at the cost of your true self. Dare to stand out in the crowd. Listen to what your soul has been whispering to you. Calm your mind and tame it. Your mind has the power to give you the best excuses and make you believe what it wants you to believe. Live each moment with perfection and you will see that you can create astonishing results even with the smallest act. Stop moulding your powers to suit the world, instead create history by being your authentic self.
I would like to share a few lines here: 
Sukoon agar dhan aur daulat se milta, 
Toh kyon mar mite Heer-Ranjha.
Sukoon agar takhte taj se milta,
Toh kyon Buddha chhod gaye ghar-baar,
Sukoon toh sirf ek labz hai,
Jaan jisme inaati hai, sirf sache pyaar se.
Haan, yeh pyaar koi aisa vaisa nahi,
Yeh toh mohabbat-e-junoon hai khuda se,
Jo rahte hain, khud ke dil mein aur dil mein yaar ke.
The writer is a clairvoyant and life counsellor, she usesvarious methods to help people attain