Much ado about veils

If trouble-makers get out of hand, they must be dealt with firmly

Muslim women who wish to drive a car or travel abroad must get themselves photographed without a head covering or face veil in order to get their driving licence or passport. This is for reasons of clear identification. This happens all over the world — in the West and in Muslim lands, not just in this country. Even so, some foolish organisations had sought to challenge even this in India on the ground that taking a photo without the appropriate coverings was a deviation from Islamic religious practice.

The Supreme Court has therefore done well to tell the trouble-makers where they get off. After a rash of incidents of cheating in examinations through the use of electronic devices concealed in clothing, the appropriate authorities decided to hold the All-India Pre-Medical Test and asked candidates to appear for the written examination wearing such clothing that make concealment of bluetooth and other such devices next to impossible. Almost on cue, an Islamic group went to court.

The SC dealt with them appropriately on Friday, reasoning that the restriction sought to be imposed was for a specified purpose and for a duration of three hours, no more. The Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid has grasped the purport of the apex court’s direction and has urged his co-religionists not to foolishly sacrifice their career. It is always important to consider the intention. In this matter it is above board. If trouble-makers get out of hand, they must be dealt with firmly.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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