Movie review 'Bullet Basya': More noise, less fun

Published Jul 25, 2015, 7:47 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
It has neither a good story nor is a complete entertainer

Director: Jayatheerta

Cast: Sharan, Haripriya


Rating: 2.5 stars

Comedian turned hero Sharan who has had dream run at the box office despite few hiccups since Rambo, now faces a road hump while riding on his latest Bullet Basya. After experiencing this bullet's avatar for a little over two hours, the sole essence of the film seems have to been made to encash the recent box-office popularity of the actor who has managed to attain a decent chunk of his own audience. Otherwise, it has neither a good story nor is a complete entertainer. With hardly any magic in the music, the songs too, which were another remarkable feature of recent Sharan films, it is just another average and timepass comedy movie.

With no soul in the subject, the director has decorated the body (script) with lots of jewellery which pretends to shine, but has no real spark in it! It all starts with the introduction of the protagonist Basya who is a wealthy gram panchayat president with a lose character, which has a big family history attached to it. Set in a village, Basya is a lover boy, who does nothing but flirt for 'pleasure' with every good looking woman or girl. Every scene is over packed with comedy and double meaning dialogues, which doesn't stop right till the end. His jolly ride takes an unusual turn when he encounters Kaveri (Harpriya), he instantly falls in love. By then there are couple of songs, and some more double meaning punches.

Before Basya hatches a plan to get Kaveri, the story takes one more double twist! Muttu, a look alike of Basya in the same village makes an entry with Kaveri. Now the loosely scripted scenes shifts to whether Basya finally gets Kaveri. Though Sharan's hard works looks visible, his repeated onscreen mannerism is stereotype and only his die hard fans may enjoy the most and the rest would get it a pass. However, the best part is his dedication and sincerity in portraying a character and doesn't override with his recent stardom.

The beautiful part of movie is Haripriya as Kaveri, who grabs and hold attention of audience from her entry until climax. Ever since the huge success of Ugramm, Haripriya has matured as an actress and the cute expressions adds to her onscreen beauty. This bullet rude is more noisy and less fun.