Demand for district development plan of Thiruvananthapuram

District panchayat to kick off efforts before polls

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the state government quashing the controversial draft city master plan, there is a rising demand for a district development plan to ensure planned and comprehensive development of Thiruvananthapuram district.

As per the new State Town Planning Ordinance, every district planning committee (DPC) in the state should draw up a draft development plan, which is mostly a policy document to ensure overall development of the district.

However, lack of clarity and initiatives from the authorities is delaying the plan from taking shape in the state capital. The district panchayat is hoping to kick off the efforts before the local body election.

District panchayat president Ansajitha Rasal said that there were discussions in this regard and that the panchayat was only happy to cooperate. “DPC chaired by the collector is the aut-hority and discussions are alive. It’s a must for any growing district,” said Ansajitha Rasal.

A top official and member of DPC said that the state authorities and the planning board were not keen on the initiative. “No planned development is happening in the district and lack of a dedicated monitoring system is the main reason for this. There sho-uld be a unit dedicated to monitor the activities of various department activities being planned,” said the official.

District town planner Ramachandran said that the new ordinance recommends drawing up of a spatial plan for the district. “Spatial plan is a policy document which aims at the management of space and development based on the needs of society, its economy and environment.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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