Karnataka farmer suicides: Veeresh Committee recommendations now? Too late, says Siddaramaiah

When the report was submitted, farmers organisations opposed it

Bengaluru: Even as Chief Minister Siddaramaiah admitted that he was clueless over the sudden spurt in farmers’ suicide, questions are being asked if the Veeresh Committee recommendations made 13 years ago could have helped in stopping the unprecedented death trail in the rural heartland.

The Veeresh Committee hit the limelight after former CM Mr S.M. Krishna took a swipe at successive governments including the incumbent one of his party for not implementing the report. Not the one to take criticism lightly, Mr Siddaramaiah tried to turn the tables on Mr Krishna wondering aloud why the former CM did not implement the report which was submitted when he was at the helm of affairs. However, he did not elaborate on the matter.

Asked if he had studied the Committee report, Mr Siddaramaiah said he had gone through it, but did not study the report in depth. He added that the report was dated so he could not implement it. To a pointed question why he was hesitant to implement the report, Mr Siddaramaiah said, "When the report was submitted, farmers organisations opposed it. Now, how can I implement it after 13 years? It is too late."

Asked whether he found any reason other than the usual ones being attributed for farmers’ suicide, Mr Siddaramaiah was clueless. "I do not know why this is happening all of a sudden. There is no report of crop failure, no monsoon failure. I am really surprised why they are resorting to suicides during this month. The banks and co-operative societies are not going to the doors of farmers to recover dues. Under these circumstances I do not know why they commit suicide," he said.

Implemented recommendations

  • Facilities for health care
  • Strengthening of Raitha
  • Samparka Kendras
  • Promotion of agro processing
  • MSP operation
  • Social Security Measures
  • Rationalisation of credit
  • Irrigation and Water Facility

Recommendations not implemented

  • Creation of Farmers’ Welfare Fund
  • Broad basing Raitha Sanjeevini Scheme
  • Reforms in providing relief measures
  • Strengthening of Raitha Samparka Kendras
  • Diversification of farm activities
  • Composting as small scale rural industry
  • Regular supply of electricity for agriculture activity
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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