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'Hang head in shame': Veteran BJP leader demands Lokpal within party over scams

Published Jul 21, 2015, 5:55 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 11:36 am IST
‘I have written the letter and I stand by every word of it’
Veteran BJP leader Shanta Kumar. (Photo: PTI/File)
 Veteran BJP leader Shanta Kumar. (Photo: PTI/File)

New Delhi: In the first sign of discontent in the BJP, senior leader Shanta Kumar has dropped a letter bomb demanding a 'Lokpal' in the party to tackle the cases of corruption like Vyapam which has "made all of us bow our heads in shame".

The BJP veteran from Himachal Pradesh in his letter to party President Amit Shah also referred to allegations in "some states", hinting to the controversy in Rajasthan surrounding CM Vasundhara Raje over Lalit Modi and Maharashtra where there are allegations of corruption against BJP Minister Pankaja Munde.


The 80-year-old former state Chief Minister has pressed for setting up an "ethics committee" which should act like a Lokpal to "keep a check on leaders in the government".

"I have written the letter and I stand by every word of it. Our party has made glorious achievements. It won with glory, formed government and ran it for a year with glory.

After that stains have started to appear in places. With achievement, your head is held high. Stains cause pain in theheart," he said today.

Kumar said he has expressed his view and pain to the party President.


His two-page letter, written in Hindi and dated July 10, was posted on the Kangra MP's Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.

Kumar's letter stated that when the Jan Sangh was formed, the emphasis was on "value-based politics".

"Gradually, we came to power, and became a ruling party...people started making compromises with those values, and here began the politics of power," he said in his letter.

However, Kumar praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Gujarat model of governance, which he said was an important factor for the overwhelming support the party received during the Lok Sabha polls.


"This was a historic victory under Narendra Modi because of his image and work in Gujarat," he wrote.

Meanwhile, BJP on Wednesday snubbed Shanta Kumar over his concerns on charges facing its state governments and demand for a 'Lokpal', saying he has been carried away by the Congress propaganda, and completely disassociated itself with his views.

Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters that what Kumar has said or written, the party completely disassociated itself with it.

"We generally consider Shanta Kumar a very mature leader. But it seems that he has been carried away by the propaganda of the Congress. Whatever he has said or written, we completely disassociate with Mr Shanta Kumar's version," Rudy said.