AAP issues advertisements on law and order situation

Kejriwal appealed to Modi to spare an hour every week to address law and order situation

New Delhi: A day after posting audio clips on social media slamming the Delhi police and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the gruesome murder of a 19-year-old girl, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to advertisments on radio and newspapers to convey the same message to the people.

The advertisements have been published by the Delhi government in all major dailies in the national captial and FM Radio channels. Incidentally, the Delhi government has allocated Rs 526 crore in the budget for publicity purpose.

In two letters, which is similar to the audio clips released on Tuesday, the Chief Minister appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to spare at least an hour every week to address the capital's deteriorating law and order situation.

In an unusual appeal in one letter, Kejriwal has also urged people not to remain "mute spectators" but take action against perpetrators of violence on women, saying Delhi Police with unbridled powers has become "totally unaccountable".

Kejriwal made a reference to the gruesome murder of a 19-year old girl in Anand Parbat area last week and lambasted Delhi Police for failing to ensure safety of women in the city. In the second letter, which has been addressed to the Prime Minister, he reiterated his party's demand for handing over of Delhi Police to the city government. He also sought Modi's intervention in improving the law and order situation.

"I want to appeal to the Prime Minister with my hands folded. 'Sir, you know Delhi government has no control over the Delhi Police. Legally, Delhi Police comes directly under you and you are not being able to give time for it.

"You are the PM and you have to handle the entire country, the Delhi Police has become 'nirankush' (totally unaccountable). It has unbridled power and nobody has control over it'," said Kejriwal.

He urged Modi to spare at least an hour for law and order situation in the capital every week.

( Source : PTI )
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