Karnataka: Ready for the rush? Seeta river to open for rafting

Large numbers of private players are showing interest in taking up rafting in the state

Bengaluru: With rivers in the state flowing to full capacity, it’s time for river rafting. In the last two years, three new stretches have come up for rafting – at three rivers, Cauvery, Bhadra and Kali.Soon the Seeta river too will join the others to thrill rafting enthusiasts this monsoon.

The officials at the Tourism Department said that large numbers of private players are showing interest in taking up rafting in the state, with an increase in the visitors who are taking up the sport.

“Every year the numbers of rafting enthusiasts is going up. Rafting is going well in places like Chikmagaluru and along the Cauvery, where there is an already-existing network of home-stays. Here the home-stay owners are organizing rafting trips for their guests. This works well for the guests as well as the rafting organizers. It could change the face of monsoon tourism in Karnataka.” The Bhadra river is attracting the largest number of tourists. It now has the longest rafting route in South India and covers about 36 km. The route between Kalasa and Balehonnur is becoming most sought after, as it takes a good six hours to raft through Bhadra river.

The organisers are charging around Rs 5,000 and the package that includes lunch at the riverside has already found many takers this monsoon. Mr Krishna H.B., the proprietor of the company Capture the Moment, who runs the rafting at Balehole in the Bhadra river, said that there are varieties of rafting routes that the river Bhadra offers to adventure seekers.

“Beginning from 8 km we can raft up to 40 km along the river Bhadra during the monsoon. During July and August there are many rafting buffs who come here from Bengaluru and other cities,” he said.

The experts in the adventure industry, however suggest that caution must be exercised when it comes to venturing into rivers, especially during monsoon season. “The people who go for rafting need to check the safety precautions that the organizers are taking. The types of life jackets, the camp site, and the rafts need to be checked thoroughly,” advised an expert.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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