Mystic Mantra: Get God to call on you

‘How quickly can God be realised?’

A king was strolling on the terrace in the evening. By chance, his gaze fell on the market where he saw a saint. The saint was walking in a blissful state, as though he did not belong to this world.

The king instructed his men to take him to meet the saint and requested him to answer one question: “How quickly can God be realised?” “Oh king! You know the answer very well,” the saint replied.

The saint explained: “If, in my mind, I had thought of trying to meet you, then there would have been many difficulties along the way, and it would have taken very long. I am not even certain whether it would be possible to meet you. But, in your mind, you thought about meeting me, and you were able to do so immediately. O King! In the same way, if it comes in God’s mind to meet you, then there will be no delay.” “But how can the thought of meeting me come to God’s mind,” he asked.
To which the saint replied: “How did you get the thought in your mind to meet me?”

The king said, “When I saw that you were blissfully immersed in your own world. The saint replied, “O King! In the same way, when you become immersed in God and always remain ecstatic about Him, then the thought will come to God’s mind to meet you, and he will come to meet you.”

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( Source : deccan chronicle )
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