Telangana hospitals seek safety of doctors from angry kin

Relatives reportedly blackmailing doctors financially

Hyderabad: The Telangana Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association has demanded police protection as they are repeatedly being attacked by relatives of patients. At a THANA conference on Sunday over 400 members urged Home minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy to study the security needs of doctors who are being attacked and blackmailed.

THANA president Dr K.J. Reddy said, “In the last four months, we have compiled 15 cases of blackmail ranging from '4 lakh to '10 lakh. This is a major concern. We approach the police to file a FIR but they ask us to compromise. The police is considerate towards grieving relatives. We are now gathering data from hospitals so that we can present a strong case.”

Doctors say that they are ready for legal battles but will not yield to blackmailers. Another doctor said, “A lot of blame lies with us. Take the case of corporate hospitals who advertise marvelous cures. The fact that there can be complications, reactions to medicines and underlying illnesses are ignored”. THANA is now trying to identify those who are regularly part of disputes. This is being done to find out elements who have made it a business to instigate relatives. Dr Ashok Reddy said, “This was not the scenario 15 years ago. Now there is doubt and fear which lead to defensive practice.”

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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