A vita-l facial!

This brand new medical facial procedure might be the single answer to a healthy glowing face
In the age of flawless beauty, one thing that is common for all the faces on the red carpet is glowing, shining skin. But stars like Blake Lively do not get their effervescent glow simply by sitting for a salon facial. For more reasons than one, a medical vita facial is the preferred choice for many.
The main difference between a medical facial and a salon facial is that a medi-facial is typically performed within an aesthetic centre and uses medical-grade products and tools. Medical facials are custom tailored to your skin’s needs and generally follow the same steps as a spa facial — cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturising-but on a more intense level. Other popular components of a medical facial may include microcurrent, high frequency therapy, and mini-peels for improving the overall tone, texture and complexion of the skin. So, medi-facials are much more effective than salon facials, hence they are a much better bet for a long-term result.
Cost effective at about Rs 4,500, the vita facial removes the pollution, grime and dirt from your skin. It has two pore deep cleansing processes followed by therapies designed to remove your tan, give you a glow and give your skin a rejuvenating boost.
The facial has six steps:
First there is an overall brush-based exfoliation that gets rid of the gross pore obstruction. Then, the therapist does specific micro pore exfoliation to individually target blocked pores. The therapist is trained in removing whiteheads, blackheads and blocked pores using the American method of extraction, which is safe for skin and does not cause marks.
The extraction is followed by our proprietary glow serum, which adds luminescence to your skin and removes tan. Afterwards, US FDA approved high frequency skin stimulation is used to improve blood circulation, delivering your skin that rosy healthy hue you have always wanted.
Finally, an individualised skin type specific pack with a facial massage improves the delivery of skin vitamins and gets your skin back on track! The vita facial can be done once every month for the best results to keep your skin healthy. It is also especially helpful when it comes to combatting the ill effects of the sun on your face.
The writer is a celebrity dermatologist.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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