Hide Your Moobs

The problem can be tackled through effective exercising or dressing right

Man-boobs or moobs as they are called are not something men are proud of. Moobs are extra amounts of flesh in the chest area from being either overweight or because of a health condition, known as gynecomastia. Apart from surgical procedures, the problem can be tackled through effective exercising or dressing right.

Delhi-based designer Rahul Arora believes it’s a problem that can also be solved by dressing smart. “An ideal solution is to sport a compression shirt that will add an additional base layer under your shirt that will tighten your body shape. Compression shirts come in two forms — one that covers only the chest area while the other one is a full vest which is also a common athletic apparel. One must be careful not to wear a tight compression shirt as it will show off even under the shirt.”

Another idea would be to wear two pockets on your shirt in order to not draw attention to your moobs. Opting for a baggy shirt or outfit can also take attention away from the area. As far as design is concerned, opt for striped, checked or textured designs.

When it comes to colour combinations, go for dark-coloured or natural hues. More layering will also help you hide that extra flesh aesthetically. A thick and woven t-shirt will give your body more shape and appeal.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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