Watch: Sikh grandfather leaps into path of speeding train to save baby girl

Published Jul 8, 2015, 8:48 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 3:06 pm IST
The pram holding 62-year-old’s granddaughter had rolled on to rail tracks
A videograb taken from YouTube shows Singh jumping on the tracks to save his granddaughter.  (Photo: via Web)
 A videograb taken from YouTube shows Singh jumping on the tracks to save his granddaughter. (Photo: via Web)
Sydney: A 62-year-old Indian jumped in front of a fast moving train to dramatically save his 18-month-old granddaughter after the baby's stroller fell on tracks at a railway station here in Australia.
The grandfather, who escaped unhurt, had arrived in Australia last week, leaped into the path of the freight train at Wentworthville station on Sunday after the pram holding Erleen rolled onto the tracks.
The family were on their way to visit a Sikh temple. The grandfather immediately jumped on to the track and passed the pram back up to his wife and daughter. CCTV footage of the dramatic incident at Wentworthville railway station shows the girl's grandfather letting go of the pram so he could pay for tickets.
As soon as he sees the pram hurtling towards the tracks he darts after it, before leaping onto the tracks to save her. The child’s uncle Parminder Singh said he was incredibly proud of his father who only arrived in Australia last Friday.
“He’s done a really great job and he didn’t really think for a second about his own life at all, he just jumped out to save her. Nobody knows how that happened... but the baby is safe and sound and my father is OK, but just can’t talk much,” Mr Singh was quoted as saying by the Daily Telegraph.
Erleen suffered swelling to her forehead and abrasions to her knees, but was released from hospital on Sunday afternoon. Mr Singh said his niece had made a good recovery. Sydney Trains director of operations Tony Eid said the incident was a reminder to passengers that stations could be a dangerous environment.
Unlike more modern train stations, the platforms at Wentworthville slope towards the tracks for weather reasons.