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Published Jul 5, 2015, 5:39 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 4:00 pm IST
This designer from Bengaluru has been picked to launch his collection at the Gen Next designer programme in Mumbai
Whether it’s a vivid scarf, a handsome bowtie, bespoke pants or the quintessential moustache – Ajay Kumar has always stepped out in style. And now, this Bengaluru designer is taking it to the runways. Using everything from living florals, birds and beasts to geometric designs, this gen-next designer is all set to showcase his line at the Winter Festive edition of Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai next month.
Aimed at the flamboyant globe-trotter and the vivacious social butterfly, “The designs are an amalgamation of clean, conformist silhouette patterns with unique Indo-Persian motifs. 
The silhouettes are structured yet flowy, Indian yet contemporary with multitudinal layering,” explains the 36-year-old designer about his line of premium menswear. A student of National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, Ajay traces his tryst with style and clothing to his parents’ first gift for him as a kid. “In spite of being not so financially well off, my parents still got me a shirt of my choosing. The zeal to pick and choose my own garments started there and it soon grew into this irresistible passion for designing my own garments,” he says, pinning designers Rajesh Pratap Singh and Alexander McQueen for inspirations. Hailing from Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, his zeal for fashion only grew, “I’ve always wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, else, I could have been running a theme restaurant or been a photographer,” says the designer who admits that he’d splurge on expensive camera lenses, watches and sports cars if money wasn’t an object.
Currently obsessed with creative gardening and styling his two and a half-year-old son, Siddhant – right from his hairdo to clothes, Ajay believes that men’s fashion in the country is finally picking up pace. “Indian men are becoming more experimental by the day and are opening up to new trends on the block, thanks to their exposure of the outside world,” he says. With ramps scorching with haute couture, not everyone incorporates them into their wardrobe and Ajay believes that it’s important to slip in some trends to add that extra zing to everyday dressing.
“Everybody gives last priority to fashion, although it should come first. But I can sense that we will there arrive very soon,” says Ajay. As the man who even bagged the Most Practical Collection Award at the final Design Collection in the early 2000s, ask him what fashion staple he’s currently digging and he says, “Handcrafted leather shoes with custom print to complete the top to toe look and men’s jewellery.”
Ajay may be creating quite the buzz in fashion circuits but he confesses, “I unwind by spending time with my family, especially my son – he totally cheers me up and gets me super energised for the next task at hand. Other wise, I love travelling, photography, am a good cook and enjoy reading the Tinkle even now.”