Dustin Brown: A new, dreaded opponent

Published Jul 4, 2015, 7:08 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 4:15 pm IST
After beating 14-time grand slam champion rafael Nadal, everyone wants to know who Dustin Brown is
Dustin Brown
 Dustin Brown
Dustin Brown has arguably become the most famous man in Wimbledon this year, after he defeated 14 time grand slam champ Rafael Nadal in round two of the tournament. For all those who want to know more about this 30-year-old player for Germany, here are some interesting facts about him.
He is ranked world number 102 in tennis rankings.
According to reports he has not cut his hair in 19 years, hence, the flowing dreadlocks.
Apart from a tongue piercing, he has the face of singer Dennis Brown tattooed on his stomach.
His nickname is Dreddy.
The best ever career rank he achieved was 78, last year.
The player would commute in  a camper van and has found it hard to find money to pay his bills. His parents gifted him the camper van in 2004, but only finished paying all its installments in 2010. Thanks to his win yesterday, he will earn £50,000.
His father is Jamaican, mother is German and grandmother is English. He has played for Jamaica in the past and now plays for Germany. He wanted to play for Britain too, but the British Lawn Tennis Association allegedly said no. 
Dustin is excellent at soccer and judo.
Dustin made extra money by investing in a stringing machine and would re-string players’ rackets for five Euros, according to Daily Mail.
People began to notice Dustin as he was the only guy in the circuit who would travel in a camper van. But he was never embarrassed, as he told the Guardian, “After a while, meeting people, playing better, stringing rackets for the guys, you get to know everyone. Call it hustling, grinding, whatever you want.”