Bubble wrap to lose its signature pop

Bad news for people who find it cathartic to pop the stuff
The days of bubble wrap pop is coming to an end. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new version of the packing material—christened with the atrocious name iBubble Wrap— won't pop under pressure.
If there was any fun in opening a box, it was in salvaging the Bubble Wrap for a bit of popping, that will not be taken away. Reportedly, the company has removed the pop from a new version of its wrap because of the declining profitability of the inflated wrap and competition in the packaging industry.
iBubble Wrap, the new packing material will ship to retailers un-inflated, and will come with a custom-made pump. According to the WSJ, the new version uses about one-fifth as much space as the original before it's inflated. From an economic point of view, then, iBubble Wrap is clearly the future of packing material.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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