Wardrobe makeovers

This city girl is creating a platform which offers you an array of affordable recycled high street brand options for as cheap as Rs 359
Ever thought of sashaying in style whilst saving some pennies and the planet? Samridhi Agarwal’s stylish initiative does just that. After pulling off the global Street Store concept in the city that allowed the underprivileged to shop for free with dignity and only pay with their smiles, this 24-year-old Bengalurean’s virtual closet now allows you to sell anything from clothing, accessories and bags for instant cash or shop popular brands for up to 80 per cent off retail. Adding wedding couture to the mix, this has now become an inventory for designer wear from across the globe!
“One day, not very long ago, I stood and stared at the enormity of my closet. Being married for about a week, I wanted to give a fresh start to my wardrobe as well,” says an inspired Samridhi.
The beautiful wedding dress, the ruffle blouse worn just once, the perfect LBD, she knew didn’t fit in her life anymore — she wanted to easily and safely sell these to someone else she treasured, “While helping all those fashion lovers become part of a new, more sustainable fashion life-cycle, reducing fashion’s environmental impact,” says the fashion management graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). And thus, Revamp My Closet was born. Like most girls with loaded closets, she too faced the eternal crisis of not having anything to wear. “The idea was to have one place to find everything from basics to occasion wear without stacking up,” she says about the updated merchandise every week which are first checked for authenticity before washing and packing them ala new! Aside of housing popular brands at throwaway prices (as less as Rs 350), Samridhi is now looking to add an assortment of wedding couture too! “In India, weddings are celebrated as festivals and lakhs of rupees worth of merchandise is just locked up in trunks and closets post the big day. We wanted to bring back the amazing designer wear into the system so it can be reused by someone else,” says Samridhi, creating a platform that aims to give you a fashion fix without having to raid your bank balance.
In a country where hand-me-downs are frowned upon, does she think this global concept will hit the jackpot here? “With the increasing popularity of sustainable consumption, people have now started buying reused clothes, furniture and gadgets too. We are now trying to be the change we want to see,” smiles the fashionista.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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