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Zebronics Power Grip: A power strip with a dual smartphone charger

Published Jun 30, 2015, 4:57 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 5:16 pm IST
Zebronics recently launched the ZEB-U2 4PS Plus, which sports two USB charging ports

With increasing number of gadgets and smartphones in our lives, it gets difficult for us to carry along as many chargers. There are many-a-times when we tend to forget our smartphone chargers at home or office and there are some other times when your friend or family member borrows your charger. This leaves you with no option but to dig out another spare one or hunt for a power bank (if you have one). To eliminate the issues and make your travel lighter, Zebronics has launched its first power strip with an option to charge a smartphone, tablet or any device that needs to be charges via USB.

Power Grip, a Zebronics product by the model number ZEB-U2 4PS, is a simple multi-socket power extension strip. It can be used for your computer or TV system at home or office. Apart from powering four independent electronic equipment systems, it also accommodates two gadgets for charging. So you don’t need to carry your charger anymore. Simply plug in your device’s USB cable and let it charge.


The Power Grip features four international multi-socket points to accommodate up to four electrical or electronic equipments. Be it a computer, monitor, Printer, TV or alike, the power strip is equipped with international sockets to accommodate power plugs from different countries. Each socket is also equipped with its own power switch so that you can individually power on or off the equipment. Each socket has an accommodating power LED to notify the power status. The Power Grip also has a reset switch, which automatically triggers in case of short circuits and overloads.  



As far as the quality of the Power Grip is concerned, Zebronics has managed to keep it high. The power strip is encased in a good quality, tough plastic housing with wall mounting provisions on the rear. The exterior has a matte-finished surface. It is available in two colour variants—black and white.


  • Power Grip Sockets guarantee no more loose plugs
  • Available in 4 ports with unique features of 2 USB ports
  • 100% Copper cable assure your devices are safe
  • Individual switches for each port
  • Available in colored (2m cable) and black & white (3m cable) combination
  • No. of outlets: 4
  • No. of USB outlets: 2 m (total 2 amps)
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Nominal current: 10A
  • Voltage: AC220V - 250V
  • Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Rated power: 2500W (max)
  • Multi plug support
  • High quality nickel plating
  • Rust resistant
  • Resistance to wear
  • High electric conductivity
  • High quality flame resistant plastic material
  • Silver alloy electronic contact switch
  • High resistance to oxidation, increases durability

The Power Grip features high-quality copper connector sockets which Zebronics guarantees that there will be no loose connections, whatsoever. The power strip is equipped with a 3 meter power cable unlike standard power strips which give you only 1meter or 3 foot cables.


The unique feature on this Power strip is the two USB ports which allow you to simultaneously charge up to two smartphones or tablets. The USB ports can deliver up to 2A high power output, which benefits newer smartphones and tablets, especially iPads, which need fast charging points.

The Zebronics Power Grip is a great upgrade to all the power strips in your office or home, making it a excellent accessory for your computer desk or television cabinet. If you are looking for a power strip for your home or office, we suggest you go that extra mile and opt for the Zebronics Power Grip by spending a few hundreds more. The additional USB charging ports will save you the burden of carrying or forgetting your gadget chargers and adapters and you will always have a charging power source on your desk available at hand.


The Zebronics Power Grip ZEB-U2 4PS Plus is priced at Rs 970 (Black) and Rs 910 (White), while the street price is Rs 779 and Rs 729 respectively. 

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