Ajay Devgn and I are not marching through the same market places: Kamal Haasan

Actor opens up on his upcoming film and speaks about his views on contemporary issues

One of the most important films in your career, Papanasam, a film about a common man’s attempts to protect his family, is ready for release. Your thoughts?
I did the film only because I too felt it is an important one. I always hated calling films big and small. I am a product of many so-called small films that later became big. The biggest example being Ek Duuje Ke Liye itself.

Papanasam is about a man preserving his family from extraneous threats. How much of a threat do you feel has ‘civil’ society got to endure from lawless forces?
All families face extraneous threats today. A family kitchen is threatened by spurious cooking material. Likewise, the children’s education is threatened by several factors which costs an exorbitant amount. The whole country is threatened by substandard politics irrespective of their philosophy.

Since you play the father of two daughters, which you happen to be in real life, how much did you identify with the character?
Even if I had two sons instead of two daughters, I personally wouldfeel threatened in this intolerant country. I am fortunate that I at least have a voice that I can raise for causes I believe in.

Incidentally, you have played a father looking to protect his daughter from danger in Mahanadhi. A sense of deja vu?
Many filmmakers have been kind enough to openly express desire to make films like Mahanadhi. I would put this film in the same genre, but with a more positive approach.

How do you assess Gautamiji’s performance?
I am capable of decrying my bad performance fearlessly and supporting good ones shamelessly. So it would be unjust not to laud Gautami’s performance. She has done very well and has grown in understanding of her craft better in absentia. I think the distance and years have helped her get a vantage view.

Drishyam, the Hindi version of Papanasam, features Ajay Devgn. Headlines in Mumbai scream you’ve stolen a march over Devgn by releasing first. Your comments?
The fact is...if at all some one stole the march they were my friends Mohanlal and Jeetu. They stole the march from right under the Mahanadhi writer’s nose. Devgan and I are not
even marching through the same market places. So hisgoods and march stay unstolen if at all the success of Papanasam would fuel the success of Drishyam.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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