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Fresh row over power dues rock Telangana, Andhra Pradesh again

Published Jun 27, 2015, 7:35 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 6:12 pm IST
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Hyderabad: Forever at loggerheads, there is a fresh row over payment of electricity bills between AP and Telangana. This follows the forcible relieving of AP employees.

AP demands that Telangana should pay Rs 3,600 crore for the power it has supplied from its thermal units, TS countered it saying that AP owes Rs 1,500 crore for the power it has given from its plants. Moreover, AP has to pay another Rs 1,200 crore for payment of salaries, pensions and other operating expenditure, TS government contends.

So, if AP demands Rs 3,600 crore, Telangana has argued that AP owes Rs 2,700cr (Rs 1500+1200 crore) to it. AP officials alleged that the TS Transco is not paying even the balance amount of Rs 9,000 crore. GENCO and TRANSCO officials of both the states have been meeting every month to thrash out pending problems and they are meeting again on June 29. This issue is likely to crop up, according to official sources in AP Transco.

Another issue that is likely to rock both the power utilities is pension liabilities which account for over Rs 1,500 crore and there is no clarity over distribution of that liability.

Location: Telangana


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