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Movie review 'Indru Netru Naalai': Nice ending with a powerful message

Deccan Chronicle| anupama subramanian

Published on: June 27, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

There were few predictable moments , pace suffers at times and some of the jokes fall flat

Cast : VishnuVishal, Mia George, Karunakaran

Direction: Ravikumar

Rating: 3 stars

Quirky ideas from young talents are the order of the day in Tamil cinema. Debut director Ravikumar has chosen the western concept of time machine and without confusing the audiences with jargons he has come out with a fantasy thriller Indru Netru Naalai. Apparently, though an alien theory he could achieve this due to his clever desi touch to the story with local flavours. The story looks a bit complicated, but what makes it tick is its neat and unfussy and relatable narration.

The film opens up in the future with a young scientist (Arya) testing his discovery – a ‘time machine’ which he sends it to the earth.  Cut to present, Ilango (Vishnu Vishal) is a jobless youth in the city who is full of odd ideas which he wants to try out. He has a girlfriend Anu (Mia George) who is the daughter of businessman magnet (Jayaprakash) and he is averse of his daughter getting married to an ordinary guy. Unable to bear the insult meted out to him by Anu’s dad, Ilango along with his friend Puli (Karunakaran) a self proclaimed astrologer gets drunk heavily. That night they meet with a freak accident and they come across a scientist Parthasarathy (TM Karthik).

All of a sudden the duo finds a strange machine (time machine) in front of them.  Being a scientist, Partha explains Ilango and Puli about the power of the machine. They decide to use it for their personal gains. But unfortunately, Partha slips into a coma and now the other two starts minting money with the help of the time machine. Ilango even impresses Anu’s dad with his business acumen and intelligent talks, thanks to TM. However, life takes a ‘u’ when they commit mistake in one of their trips to past. After few attempts when they find a solution to recover, the TM goes kaput and they are caught in a situation from which they cannot return to the present. Whether they make a comeback or not forms the rest.

Vishnu has come a long way and is striving to achieve perfection with each of his films. The actor has done full justice to his character and impresses with his realistic portrayal. Karunakaran’s blank expressions itself evoke laughter. Added to that, his hilarious one-liners are thoroughly enjoyable. Mia George in a limited scope is appealing. Jayaprakash, Karthik, Sai Ravi (villain) lend their effective support. Arya appears in a cameo as a nerdy scientist. 

Though there were few predictable moments , pace suffers at times and some of the jokes fall flat, it is Ravikumar’s skilful writing, the presentation without any logical loopholes and a nice ending with a powerful message that carries Indru Netru Naalai all the way through.  

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