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These country’s currencies will make you feel filthy rich!

Published Jun 26, 2015, 10:51 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 6:18 pm IST
If you look at the currency value to the US Dollar, you won't feel the pinch of the Rupee being low

Shocking, but true! Currencies around the world have different values and India is not the only one that has a low value. We usually value our Indian Rupee with reference to the American Dollar, which presently fluctuates around INR 60 per USD 1.

However, there are many such countries that have a currency value that is ridiculously lower than the Indian Rupee. Take for example Nepal, where the one Indian Rupee will fetch you 1.6 Nepal Rupees.


Don’t feel bad about your money in your pocket—the worst is that of Zimbabwe, where a single American Dollar (USD 1) is valued at 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars. The reason for the ‘almost worthless’ currency is the result of hyperinflation which hit Zimbabwe in 2009. Finally, to make things better, the country’s government had finally decided to demonetize the Zimbabwe dollar (in 2009) and use the American Dollar as their second currency. In 2008, Zimbabwe’s monthly inflation rate hit a whopping 3.5 million per cent, where the price of a single chicken egg was put down as 50 billion Zimbabwean dollars.


Apart from Zimbabwe, there are several other countries that can fetch you more than 45,900 for each Rs 100 note you have with you. Here is a list of a few countries where your Indian Rupee will make you feel filthy rich. Let’s start by the American Dollar. (Rates as of June 27, 2015)

Country: US | Currency: Dollar | Indian INR 100 = 1.57 American Dollars

Country: Pakistan | Currency: Rupee | Indian INR 100 = 159.91 Pakistani Rupees

Country: Nepal | Currency: Rupee | Indian INR 100 = 160.06 Nepali Rupees

Country: Sri Lanka | Currency: Rupee | Indian INR 100 = 210.1 Sri Lankan Rupees


Country: Kazakhstan | Currency: Tenge | Indian INR 100 = 292.71 Kazakhstani Tenges

Country: Hungary | Currency: Forint | Indian INR 100 = 439.05 Hungarian Forints

Country: Chile | Currency: Peso | Indian INR 100 = 992.52 Chilean Pesos

Country: Somalia | Currency: Shilling | Indian INR 100 = 1091.01 Somali Shillings

Country: North Korea | Currency: Won | Indian INR 100 = 1414.53 North Korean Wons

Country: South Korea | Currency: Won | Indian INR 100 = 1753.12 South Korean Wons

Country: Tanzania | Currency: Shilling | Indian INR 100 = 3587.97 Tanzanian Shillings


Country: Columbia | Currency: Peso | Indian INR 100 = 4024.26 Columbian Pesos

Country: Zambia | Currency: Kwacha | Indian INR 100 = 9535.25 Zambian Kwachas

Country: Guinea | Currency: Franc | Indian INR 100 = 11938.54 Guinean Francs

Country: Laos | Currency: Kip | Indian INR 100 = 12753.17 Laos Kips

Country: Indonesia | Currency: Rupiah | Indian INR 100 = 20958.09 Indonesian Rupiahs

Country: Belarus | Currency: Ruble | Indian INR 100 = 24262.33 Belarus Rubles

Country: São Tomé and Príncipe | Currency: Dobra | Indian INR 100 = 34269.81 São Tomé and Príncipe Dobras


Country: Vietnam | Currency: Dong | Indian INR 100 = 34296.96 Vietnam Dongs

Country: Iran | Currency: Rial | Indian INR 100 = 45950.2 Iranian Rials

Country: Zimbabwe | Currency: Dollar | Indian INR 100 = OOPS!! (The currency is now discontinues and was valued at USD 1 = 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean Dollars. We did not bother to do the math for the Indian currency value. It would approximate at 54,95,00,00,00,00,00,000.00 Zimbabwean Dollars or 54.95 quadrillion Zimbabwean Dollars

So where do you plan to migrate? Or where is your next holiday destination?