Protect your energy

Everything is energy including thoughts and so it’s essential to protect ourselves

The most precious gift we earthlings have is the gift of life force or energy or prana. Our energy is the fuel for the vehicle of our bodies to reach our soul’s destination and helps us achieve our soul’s design for growth, evolution and peace. There is an unlimited supply of energy available to us at all times and there is no lack in this abundant Universe. If we listen carefully to the language of our magical Universe we will be given the road map to the treasure box of our own energy reservoir. We hold the key to where that energy fuel box is located within in the recesses of our serene mind.

So, how are your energy levels? The first step to protecting one’s energy is the awareness or diagnosis of where one’s energy levels are. Ask your inner voice to rank your energy on a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being low and 10 being high) If you are a high energy person then perhaps you need to ground or center your energy where you can visualise sending your excess energy to Mother Earth. As everything is energy including our thoughts it is critical for each of us to carefully recognise the unique elements that make us happier and hence raise us energy or make us sad, anxious, fearful or angry or lower our energy levels. How do you protect your energy? The following are some simple and easy-to-use methods to protect one’s energy.

Shielding: Visualise a shield of silver-golden metallic light a few feet away from your body. Imagine being in this bubble of white light or the colour you like when you are dealing with negative people who cause you an energy drain. For highly sensitive people who can absorb another’s lower energy like sponges in areas like shopping malls, movie halls or markets, this can be extremely helpful.

Affirmations and mantra: As thoughts charge our environment, practicing abundant healing mantras and affirmations like ‘I have all the energy I need and I am always connected to an unlimited supply of divine energy’ or ‘All is well and I am safe’ or ‘I give out love and receive it multiplied’ are extremely potent in keeping your spirits higher. Practicing affirmations is like taking a spiritual vitamin to boost your spiritual immunity.

Defining boundaries and saying no: If you consider your energy sacred and love yourself, you will identify the psychic vampires or negative people who drain your energy and leave you feeling miserable. While it is important to be social it is also perfectly all right to draw healthy boundaries and even keeping physical distance for the sake of your emotional freedom and spiritual repair.
w do not gossip: As whatever you focus your energy on expands, any indulgence in negative communication like begrudging and cursing lowers energy and leaves it vulnerable for attracting more of what you dislike.

Heal with elements: The Universe is made of the five basic elements of fire, water, earth, air and spirit or ether. The purity of each element has the energy to cleanse, clear and protect. One can write down the source of lower energy and burn it in the holy fire and trust it to be cleansed. Similarly, taking salt water baths or even swimming in natural waters cleanses our auras of acquired negative energy. Breath work or deep breathing in natural air is rejuvenating. Imagine you inhale a healing white light and release toxic energy into a visual healing fire whenever you feel lower energy. Similarly, standing on the ground preferably grass will also prove healing as Mother Earth will cleanse your energy. Offer gratitude to the element you seek for energy protection.

Connect with the source: Each of us has a unique energy fuel. It is important to connect with such a divine source or music or dance or any other creative source which without fail recharges you and protects your energy. If you have a higher energy level, you will attract more of happier, higher energy experiences.

Seek an expert: If you still attract negativity and experience lower energy then perhaps it is time to release the cause within which is attracting it from the external environment. Sometimes the causes are due to chemical imbalances of the body as well. Psychiatrists, psychologists, alternative therapists and energy workers are aware of ways to help you through non-resolving, repetitive and consistent lower energy states.

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