Blending of common chemicals inside body may trigger cancer

London: While may be maintaining a healthy lifestyle, blending of common chemicals inside the human body may put at risk of deadly cancer.
According to a new study, one in five cancers could be caused when human body is exposed to the mixture of some chemicals, which are otherwise deemed safe, the Guardian reported.
New Zealand scientist Dr Linda Gulliver from Otago University, said that the findings of the Halifax Project, needs to be given "considerable attention" to investigate the concerning links.
The taskforce of 174 scientists in 28 countries investigated 85 prototypic chemicals that weren't listed as carcinogenic to humans.
The finding supports the idea that chemicals may be capable of acting in concert with one another to cause cancer, even though low-level exposures individually might not be carcinogenic.
Lead researcher William Goodson III, from San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center, said that the results point towards the need for one-at-a-time testing to be updated.
The study published in the journal Carcinogenesis.
( Source : ANI )
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