Uganda's ugliest man blessed with 8th child from second wife

He won his title after he took part in the contest to make money for his family
Touted to be 'Uganda’s Ugliest Man’, 47-year-old become Godfrey Baguma has become a father for the eighth time. Also known as Sebabi Baguma is a ladies’ man. Sebabi, 47, got married to Kate Namanda, 30, in 2013 and she has given birth to his eighth child.
The couple held a wedding ceremony in his hometown Kyazanga, in the Lwengo District of Uganda where guests at the wedding had to pay 4,000 Ugandan shillings to attend the reception and see the woman Sebabi married,
reports. Before his marriage to Kate, Godfrey had two children with his first wife – but their marriage came to an end when he caught her cheating with another man.
The couple got married in 2013, and now have six children together – after their first child was born in 2008. Sebabi is a former cobbler who now uses his unique features to earn a living. He appears at events as Uganda’s Ugliest Man just for people to see him. He also sings and performs stand-up comedy.
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( Source : deccan chronicle )
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