11-year-old in Austria locks parents out over pizza

The boy locked the door and refused to let his parents back into the house

London: Austrian police had to intervene in an unusual household dispute after an 11-year-old boy locked his parents out of their home in a fit of rage for making him pasta instead of pizza for lunch.

Police were called in to negotiate with the argumentative boy after he took exception to the fact that his mother had made him pasta and not pizza.

As both his parents briefly went outside, the boy locked the door and refused to let them back into the house in Auwiesen, Linz.

After the hapless parents failed to convince their son to open the door, they called the police to intervene, 'The Local' reported.

A police officer reportedly negotiated with the child through a balcony door, until he gave in and unlocked the door.

( Source : PTI )
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