US netizens turning to yoga to deal with life

Yoga is an effective tool to get oneself into a state of peace

ALAPPUZHA: Yoga has, of late, become a powerful tool to help children in the US navigate the seasons of life, according to Rose Pavlov, a United States-born Malayali, an emerging yoga practitioner in Worcester and a cross-cultural positive child specialist.

“The Americans have realised that it also develops skills to cope with anger, depression, anxiety and other emotions,” she said.

Rose Pavlov is the founder of Ivy Child International, a non-profit organization that provides education and psychological services to children across the world. She has made a secular platform for yoga in her birth place attracting Americans to the discipline.

According to her, yoga is an effective tool to get oneself into a state of peace. Ms Pavlov’s yoga day celebration christened ‘Yogathon’ kickstarted at the Worcester State University auditorium on Saturday.

In an e-mail interview to DC, she explained that Ivy Child International taught yoga and mindfulness from a secular capacity. Though there was opposition to yoga in the US, the programme continues to grow in schools and communities.

Many Muslim students and families also practise it. She said that for kids, animal and nature poses, synchronizing their breath with sounds of the ocean or animals, were the best.

“Being able to practise yoga is personal and a way of life for many. Peace begins within each of us,” she added.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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