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Display nightmare surfaces on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge

Published Jun 15, 2015, 5:40 pm IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 9:07 pm IST
The S6 Edge’s display bleeds light even though the AMOLED is supposed to stay off

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you could be in for a mild shock—the AMOLED display has been reportedly bleeding background light even where the pixels are supposed to powered off. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has an AMOLED display, which offers pitch blacks because the pixels are powered off when not in use. This is because the AMOLED display does not use any backlight similar to the LCD displays. Each AMOLED pixel is a light on its own and glows when powered. When it is needed to display black, the pixel is simply turned off, saving in power and giving out pitch black colours.


Images above and below are from users who are facing the issue.

However, if you are using the S6 Edge and have turned on the night clock for the Edge screen, you could be in for a surprise as the entire display is actually powered on and lit up instead of only the area and pixels that are in use. When using the night clock, the smartphone is supposed to light up only a few pixels on the edge of the screen to display the clock. However, this does not seem to be the case. Many users have witnessed the issue, and we also did the same on the handset we own. When the feature was turned on, the entire display lights up with a mild glow, causing the battery to drain an additional 10 per cent. The issue is not visible when you see the display in a usually lit area. Move to a pitch dark room and you can find the entire display emitting a dim glow, when the night clock is on.

The issue seems to be with the software, since the problem can be noticed only with the night clock feature. When you rub the edge for the Edge notification, you can see the display change to the Edge bar highlighting the information and the rest of the screen turns off. When it switches back to night clock mode, the issue is back on screen. In short, the Night clock mode is not taking full advantage of the AMOLED display.

A user had written to Samsung on the issue and got a feedback stating that they are aware of the problem and will release a patch for the same. Hopefully Samsung releases a software update for the S6 sooner. Till then, we would advise you not to use the Night Clock feature to avoid unnecessary battery drain.  

Check this link for issues shared by users on XDA.

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