Petrol tanker fire doused in Telangana

The traffic took two hours to smoothened out

Hyderabad: A petrol tanker, which broke down on the road between YMCA Secunderabad and St. Ann’s School, suddenly caught fire on Friday morning, posing a huge threat to the passing traffic, as it was full of highly inflammable petrol.

Passersby alerted the traffic cops who diverted traffic away from the tanker and used foam to douse the fire. Had action been not taken on time, the tanker could have blown up, causing grievous injuries to many.

While the cops took about one-and-a-half hours to control the situation, the incident resulted in serpentine traffic snarls on all connecting roads. The traffic took two hours to smoothened out. A line of petrol tankers was seen near Sangeet for 20 minutes as they were avoiding the route on learning of the fire incident.

“The flames were not in the tanker area and there was time to use foam,” said traffic inspector Venkat Reddy.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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