Movie Review ‘Vajrakaya’: A film more 'natural' than 'supernatural'

A must for Shivanna fans, as he naturally scores high in this one
Director: A Harsha
Cast: Shivarajkumar, Nabha Natesh, Shubra Aiyappa, Karunya Ram, Madhu Guruswamy, Avinash
Rating: 3
The successful jodi – choreographer turned director A Harsha and Century Star Shivarajakumar are back with ‘Vajrakaya’ with a little hangover from their film ‘Bhajarangi’. However, despite striking similarities in the plots of the two films, there is a slight change. Instead of a high octane supernatural drama haunted by ghosts and divine interventions, the latest one is far more natural and realistic. There is also a past that connects well with the present, and the hat-trick hero who pulls off the role so naturally, much to the delight of his die-hard fans.
Apart from the similar shades, ‘Vajrakaya’ revolves around an orphan. As the story kicks off, the protagonist is seen living a rich and happy life with his loving family until reality strikes with a twist, he is not actually an orphan. Then the focus shifts with the hero who goes on a journey in search of his mother to a lawless place called jungle Kanive. With no black magic or super powers unlike the previous venture, the hero is all by himself left with only muscle power to deal with the baddies.
The bits and pieces of comedy are hardly laughable, and the mother sentiment is back in action. The three female characters appear and disappear quickly with only Nabha Natesh as Pataka who ‘fires up’ the screen space for a little longer than the others.
The music scored by Arjun Janya has some magic this time, which is another highlight as this marks his 50th film in his career as a composer. There are several testing times for those audiences who may not be die hard fans, as there is an overdose of action and emotions that ride high. The base remains the same with different toppings on the platter, and we hope the probable hat-trick venture by the successful pair, will serve something fresh in the future and not the same old wine in a new bottle. A must for Shivanna fans, as he naturally scores high in this one.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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