Contract killer arrested in Uttar Pradesh

The alleged contract killer of last year’s Vijayawada shootout case was arrested in UP
Hyderabad: The alleged contract killer of last year’s Vijayawada shootout case was arrested in UP by a joint force of AP and Delhi police on Thursday. The man, Ombir alias Umesh, was one of the shooters, who killed three members of the Gandham family in September 2014, has been arrested, Delhi police said.
G. Nageswara Rao, his son G. Maraiah and nephew P. Maraiah were travelling in a taxi on NH-16 when their car was intercepted and the three gunned down. “The killers were travelling in a car and a motorcycle and opened fire at them killing all the three. The driver of the victims’ car escaped unhurt,” said a senior police officer.
The murders were the result of personal enmity. There existed a long standing feud between two families. One family consisted of Butham Govindu, Butham Srinivasarao and Butham Durgarao, while the other family consisted of Gandham Nageswararao, Gandham Marayya and Gandham Pagidi Marayya. Both the families are residents of the same village Pinakadimi in West Godawari.
On April 6, Butham Durgarao of the Butham family was shot dead in West Godawari district. He was killed by contract killers from Mumbai.
Thinking that Nageswararao’s family was behind Butham Durgarao’s murder, Butham Govindu vowed to kill the entire Nageswararao clan and fled to London from where he masterminded the entire conspiracy, police said.
He roped in contract killers from Delhi. The AP police contacted Delhi Police Crime Branch and a joint team was made in October 2014. The team apprehended the seven accused from Delhi. The four Delhi-based killers are Partap Singh, 35, Dharamveer, 32, Nitin, 27, and Neeraj, 22.
The three others, who played the roles of planners and conspirators, are Manjeet Singh, 35, Satish Kumar, 27, and Pankaj, 22, police said. They said the main conspirator was Sirigirichina Sriniwas, hailing from Peninakadimi Village in West Godawari district of Andhra Pradesh and presently living in Delhi.
He was given the contract for killing by Butham Sriniwas Rao and Butham Govindu and others for about Rs 1 crore, they said, adding Sirigirichinna Srinivas contacted Ombir Singh for executing the contract. Ombir Singh along with his accomplices Pankaj, Satish and Manjeet Singh planned the criminal conspiracy along with Sirigiri Chinnasriniwas, police said.
( Source : deccan chronicle )
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