Peacock gets artificial limbs

Local shoemaker working on weightless leather shoe for bird

Coimbatore: An adult peacock, whose limbs were crushed by a speeding vehicle, is now walking around on an artificial limb thanks to a timely surgery. The five-year-old male peacock was unable to stand or walk as its metatorsal bones were damaged completely in the accident. Public noticed the bird battling for life on a road in Saravanampatty area and took it to the veterinary hospital in Ettimadai for treatment a few days ago.

“Its foot was beyond repair and a foul smell was emanating from it. The damaged portions were operated and removed by administering pain killers and antibiotics. The bird has been fitted with a temporary artificial foot with a tube like structure inserted into its leg bones and the other end attached to a flat cardboard to help the bird stand on its own,” said veterinarian K. Ashokan.

The artificial limb has been completely tied with a bandage to ensure that it does not separate from the legs. “Over the last two days, the bird stands well, started to walk slowly, but still couldn’t fly due to weak legs. Since the artificial limb, which was given a shot on a trial basis had worked out, I am trying to give permanent legs for it,” Mr Ashokan said.

For that, a shoemaker had given his consent to make a weightless leather shoe that can be fixed in both the legs of the peacock and get it sewed. “The shoe, if works out may help the bird attain normalcy. It may take a few more days to get the job done,” he said.

Another peacock, which suffered an electrocution a few days ago, has recovered after treatment. Both the limbs of the bird became paralysed and its eyes were swelling when it was brought to the hospital by some public, who found it lying in the same Saravanampatty area.

“Its paralysed nerves were stimulated by passing infrared rays and by giving a tender massage for the bird. The peacock is now completely normal,” Mr Ashokan said adding that this is the first in the recent times that two injured peacocks were treated in the hospital.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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