When opposites do attract...

Published Jun 7, 2015, 4:03 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST
Aham Sharma and Kashmira Irani tell us what their first impressions were of each other
Aham and Kashmira say their first impressions of each other have only enhanced over time
 Aham and Kashmira say their first impressions of each other have only enhanced over time

As their relationship unfolds in Manmarziyan, Aham Sharma and Kashmira Irani are sharing some pretty sizzling chemistry on screen. We spoke to the actors on how they’ve got their equation down so perfectly.

What was your first meeting like?
Kashmira: We met for a script reading for Manmarziyan and I hadn’t seen any of Aham’s shows earlier. So when he started reading his lines, I was blown away by his acting and commitment towards his role. He is quite popular for his role in Mahabharat, yet he’s so grounded.
Aham: Kashmira is extremely chirpy, bubbly, talkative and an extrovert — which is so unlike me — so it was good to meet someone so different, and yet we had to tune in together to deliver a scene.

Who broke the ice?
Kashmira: I did. I am an extrovert. I like to know the person I am acting with. So as usual, I started talking, not just about our profession but gradually, also about Hollywood, movies we like and then he got comfortable and joined in.
Aham: I was only doing my job, reading my lines, but Kashmira took the first step to bond.
What were your first impressions of each other?

Kashmira: My first impression of Aham was that he is extremely passionate about his work and a good actor.
Aham: Kashmira, I realised, is not just a good actor, but also a good soul. She tries to ensure that everyone around her is comfortable even if it means going that extra mile.

So have those first impressions changed?
Kashmira: No, in fact, I feel Aham’s acting gets better with each shot and with each passing day.
Aham: Kashmira surprises me each day with a new talent. We recently had a dance sequence together and she bowled me over with her moves! I have now realised that Kashmira is an all-rounder: A good actor, dancer, singer (she sang for a karaoke scene herself on the show) and a good person.
Okay, tell us about your favourite scene with each other, from among those you’ve shot so far.

Kashmira: It has to be the romantic dance sequence we did together recently. It was so much fun shooting for that. I didn’t know Aham is a good dancer so he surprised me completely with his moves! It was also awkward as the dance sequence was really passionate!
Aham: My favourite scene is my entry sequence on the show, where I meet Kashmira and rescue her from a dog. Our initial scenes together were just about the two of us. There was no one else required in the scenes, so we bonded really well.

What do you like most about each other?
Kashmira: Aham’s commitment towards his work.
Aham: How she gels so easily with everyone and how comfortable she makes people around her.

What do you dislike about each other?
Kashmira: I hate that he is such a perfectionist! Even if we give a good shot, he will go up to the director and say, ‘I think we should try again’. That really annoys me.
Aham: That she has just so much energy! I don’t hate it, but it surprises me every time.
What’s something fans don’t know about your on-screen co-star?
Kashmira: I found out recently that Aham is really good at martial arts. So please beware of him and his kung fu skills.
Aham: Kashmira looks so perfect and healthy but what you might not know is that she is a big foodie! I don’t know how she still manages to have a great body.