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I have heard of actresses being asked to get implants: Mohit Suri

Published Jun 5, 2015, 3:30 am IST
Updated Mar 28, 2019, 11:48 pm IST
Director gives us his take on films, work ethics, equation with actors and more
Mohit Suri and Vidya Balan
 Mohit Suri and Vidya Balan

Mohit Suri, whose film Hamari Adhuri Kahani will the hit the theatres soon, gives us his take on films, work ethics, equation with actors and more...

Mohit, all your film songs are chartbusters. How do you do it?
I seriously don’t believe I have any X-men type mutant genes for hearing music and delivering it. I hear music just like everyone else does. I like working with new talent again and again, as it keeps me fresh. I have never competed with any industry music… I try to outdo my own.
Is it true that you told Vidya Balan to lose weight before signing her for Hamari Adhuri Kahani?
I signed her for who she is and what she is as an actress. I have never believed in cosmetology. I have heard of directors telling their actresses to lose some weight or get a breast implant to become a bigger heroine. I never work that way.
Alia Bhatt had spoken about a possibility of acting in the remake of Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi. Why didn’t that take off?

Yes, that was an option in order to cash in on the success of Aashiqui 2. But sometimes, the most obvious decisions are not the most commercial ones. The film would just get into a number game at the box-office. Hamari Adhuri... didn’t fall in the trappings. I am not looking down on DHKMN remake. I will do it when I feel like it but right now, it’s not motivating me. Yes, it would be great to have Alia on board, do a road trip film, get some young music, put it all together and then wait for the big number. But once it’s done, you will find yourself competing with Alia’s last big film and wondering if you’ve surpassed its collections.

Like most filmmakers, do you also like to travel?
I love travelling that’s the only thing I like to spend money on. I don’t have a thing for clothes or cars. Cars are gifted to me, so I don’t buy them [Ekta had gifted him a car for the success of Ek Villain]. I have this annual trip to the US where I meet all my school friends. I live in an apartment with my friend, doing my own laundry, etc. and come back completely detoxed.

How do you react when people say that you have revived Shraddha Kapoor’s dead career?
I don’t believe I am responsible for it. She was someone who was written off, so to come and have this blind belief in me is something else. I have always worked with people who are actors and not stars. I cast people for their capability and she had that.
Do you have a wish-list of big stars you want to work with?
I have no wish-list. I don’t care about the biggest names. I just want to make the best film that has ever been made. That’s my only wish.