Balance your chakras

Seven main chakras in our body facilitate our overall functioning

The universal perceptive of the chakra system is that it is the pathway of ascension of the kundalini energy, and that invoking this energy will facilitate us to achieve enlightenment. One more thoughtful approach is to work on our psychological and emotional issues in such a way that the chakra naturally opens and the kundalini ascends. The first is the mooladhar or root chakra which focuses on the need for security. The second is the swadisthana or Hara chakra which focuses on the need of pleasure.

The third is the manipura or the solar plexus chakra which focuses on the need for power. The fourth is the anahata or the heart chakra which deals with the need for love and connection. The fifth is the vishudha or throat chakra which stands for the need to communicate and acceptance. The sixth is the ajna which is oriented around intuition. And the seventh is the sahashara chakra, standing for oneness.

security: mooladhar or root chakra
We all have a core need of security and stability, which is the foundation of a happy, successful and useful life which is a conduit for our experience of security. Root chakra is located at the perineum, between the anus and the genital. Security issues can be about any aspect of life — it may be money, career, relationship with God and with human beings. Strong and clear value system which guide decision-making are also a source of stability and so is self-esteem. Imbalance in this chakra can create the two extremes of insecurity and rigidity. It can be healed by working upon the issues or by meditating upon the root chakra and flooding that area with its colour which is red or chanting this affirmation: “I enjoy and completely enroll in the process of life.”

The Pleasure Principle: Swadhistana Chakra or Sacral Chakra
Located two inches below the navel, this chakra stands for the pleasure principle and that is most often routed through food and sex. Our basic needs come for feelings and emotions which this chakra stands for. Meditating upon this chakra with orange colour can heal this chakra. Balanced and healed sacral chakra can unfold our creativity.
Chanting affirmation, “I flow through all my sensuous experiences”, can help to heal this chakra.

Power: Manipur or Solar Chakra
We all have a need for power, significance and importance. The located area of this chakra is solar or belly. Imbalance in this chakra can create feelings of helplessness. Trying to control what we cannot or which is not in our hand causes us to worry about the future and obsess about the past. To balance this chakra meditate upon it with yellow colour or chant this affirmation, “I flow with the flow of life.”
The moment one makes the transition from power over others to power ourselves, the manipur chakra opens up and functions optimally. Love for all and self: Heart chakra or Anahata chakra
The anahata chakra is next from the manipur chakra. The first three chakras deal with our personal issues. The heart chakra moves from self to others, from independence to interdependence.
Heart chakra is our will, which gives us the capacity to reach out to others without carrying any fears that no one can taken advantage of us or can dominate us.The moment this chakra is imbalanced one is either incapable of loving or one loves without discrimination.To balance this chakra meditate upon it with green colour.It is very important to open your heart chakra by getting in touch with your feelings, loving and kindness. Chanting affirmation, “I open myself to give and receive unconditional love”, can help to heal this chakra.

Communication: Throat or Vishudhi chakra
Each of us knows what we want and what we say. We often express what others want but not that which we truly feel, which creates problem in our throat chakra. A balanced throat chakra expresses our sense of clarity and self-control which alone can help us to say or convey what we want without any sadness and this can even help us enhance our relationship. Imbalance in throat chakra causes a sense of choked feeling or inability to govern human interaction.
To balance this chakra meditate upon it with blue colour or chanting affirmation “I believe in myself” also helps to open the throat chakra.

our intuitions: third eye or ajna chakra
Many of us arrive at a decision by analysing options and then rating them by their perceived utility. However, by our insights we can get the answers instantly. The balance of third eye chakra gives us the ability to separate the real from the unreal.
To balance this chakra visualise the indigo colour over it or chant the affirmation: “I implement all my visions, I open myself up to new ideas.” The balanced third eye chakra provides us the capacity to go beyond emotional impulses.

oneness: the crown or sahashara chakra
With this chakra we receive directions and guidance from the Universe. This chakra is the ladder of the spiritual growth. With balanced crown chakra we can overcome our ego and arrive at oneness. Oneness is the stage where we have unconditional and everlasting peace. To balance this chakra meditate upon it with violet colour, or chant affirmation: “I am with the universe”.
The writer is an alternative medicine practitioner

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