The Gun Rock Hill: Historic tank is climbers’ dream

Published May 31, 2015, 9:24 am IST
Updated Feb 23, 2016, 2:43 pm IST
Despite being recommended for a protected heritage status, it lies unattended
Heritage spot: The centuries-old water tank sits atop the Gun Rock Hill, an ideal bouldering destination (Photo: DC)
 Heritage spot: The centuries-old water tank sits atop the Gun Rock Hill, an ideal bouldering destination (Photo: DC)

Hyderabad: Near the highly populated and bustling Trimulgherry road, on the Military Dairy Farm rood, is the striking crop of boulders called the Gun Rock Hill. Gun Rock is not only home to wild animals, but is a preferred destination for bouldering, for beginners and pros. There are smaller boulders for beginners, but one must also try the harder ones to climb. There are lovely places to rest once one gets to the top.

The Secunderabad Cantonment was formed in 1798 by an alliance signed between Hyderabad’s Nizam Sikander Jah and the British East India Company. A water tank was built above the Gun Rock Hill to supply water to the military cantonment area and other defence establishments. The centuries-old water storage tank earlier supplied water to areas including Lal Bazaar also.


Lost in the dark:  Over the years, the site has been neglected with bricks coming off the walls and wild plants growing everywhere

The place since then has been neglected. Slum dwellings close to it use the area as a dumping ground and for open defecation in the morning. The foul smell, therefore, is often intolerable here. However, the view is splendid from top, with Moula Ali and the Anand Budha Vihar Hill visible. Steps are available for non-climbers. Experienced climbers get to the top in less than 10 minutes while beginners take a bit longer.

In 2006, the heritage committee of the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority had identified the highly neglected Gun Rock and had written to the Cantonment Board for its protection and also to include the structure in the Protected Heritage Sites’ list. However, Gun Rock is yet to make it to the list. The area is best visited during winter and spring.

How to get there

  • Gun Rock is located 6 km from Secunderabad (Patny Centre).
  • Two routes to get there: (A) Secunderabad (Patny)-Trimulgherry-Gun Rock (take right just opposite Holy Family Church Kaman, after the Trimulgherry crossroads). (B) Sainikpuri-Lal Bazaar-Gun Rock (straight routes from Alwal.) It is on the Military Dairy Farm route.
  • The boulder route is problematic and need supervision and gear; beginners should not try it without guidance, not advisable during rainy season; Lastly, there are no fixed     timings to visit the place.

A day out: The place is perfect for a day out with friends amd family while enjoying some sporting activities too

Things to take along/wear

  • A sun hat/cap, sun shades.
  • At least two litres of water. Any energy drinks would be great.
  • Trackpants or shorts and T-shirts.
  • Wear sandals so that it is convenient to frequently switch to climbing shoes.

The negatives

  • The two approach roads are very  narrow and broken down. There are no signboards with directions though one can park vehicles there. It is not a child or senior citizen-friendly area.
  • Also, the steps are in a jungle area and one needs guidance to find them. It is not advisable to visit the area when it’s dark.

Location: Telangana