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Movie review ‘Iruvar Ondranal’: Explores the perception of love in a realistic manner

Published May 31, 2015, 12:56 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 1:06 am IST

Director: Anbu G

Cast: Prabhu, Krithika Malini, Akhil, Dhiksha

Rating: Two and a half stars

At a time when horror films make a beeline in Tamil cinema, here are two of AR Murugadoss’s former associates Sampath Kumar and Anbu G, who’ve come out with a breezy campus love story, Iruvar Ondranal the former having produced it and the latter directing it. The film explores the perception of love by today’s youth in a realistic manner.

The movie revolves around an easy going school student Kaushik (debutant Prabhu). Disha, his school mate, expresses her love to him only to be turned down. Two more girls fall for him at different timeline (college) and propose to him as well. But Kaushik turns them all down and the girls move on with their lives, not letting this aborted love affair affect them.

Prabhu chances upon a pretty girl Oviya (Krithika Malini) on the road and instantly fall for her. He started chasing her wherever she goes, but she does not reciprocate the same and snubs him often.  Despite Kaushik gets a slap for his immature behavior, he still follows her. Suddenly, Kaushik stops coming behind Oviya and the latter starts missing him and realizes that she is also in love with him. When she tries to call him, he ignores and unable to bear his absence Oviya calls him and tells that she wants to meet him desperately. When they meet a twist takes place.

Prabhu has a cheerful face and has given a spirited performance. He is good at dance too. Krithika Malini looks pretty and emotes well. The others including Akil, Dikshitha, Janani, Karthika and Shyloo lend their support in their respective roles. Though the first half moves slowly, the movie picks up momentum post interval. And while the cinematography by Kumar Sridhar goes well with the mood of the youthful film, music by Guru Krishnan is average. In Iruvar Ondranal, good dialogues, three dimensional characters, and a deeper understanding on part of Anbu illuminates the real and the believable in life.

Tail piece: The lead Jodi Prabhu and Kritika Malini tied knot in real life too, a few months back.



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