It’s tiki time

Tiki cocktails — a throwback to the tropics — are a delight during the summer months

Cocktails, like good news, are even better when shared. And few shared cocktails feel as good as “tiki” ones. While Mai Tai — dark and light rum, lime juice, orange curacao et al — is the ultimate tiki cocktail, there are a few options I’ve sampled of late, in Mumbai, that are as interesting, and unusual too.

At Asado, a Latin American-themed watering hole in the suburb of Bandra, tiki cocktails are served in hip ceramic mugs. The bartender recommended the “Gooney Goo” (an explosive mix of white rum, brandy and vintage port blended with fruit juice) and the “Krakatoa” (a signature blend of dark rum and all berry mix, topped with apple fizz). While the first was velvety, fruity and sweet, the second was exotic and strikingly different.

The bartender informed me that all their tiki cocktails are made of exotic rum punches, a mix of light or dark rum, flavoured syrups and tropical fruit juices (essentially the recipe for any tiki drink). It is the inclusion of fruits which, to my mind, gives these an interesting flavour and twist.

At a London lounge, I once sipped on a concoction of gin, lychee and lemongrass syrup, a flaming drink served in a coconut. The mix of rum and citrus liqueurs, particularly, impressed me.

Tikis are inspired by the tropics, and rum’s the front-runner in the tropics. Hence, most tiki cocktails start with rum. Most connoisseurs prefer crisp Cuban or Jamaican rums. These can be enhanced with fruit juices, liqueurs and bitters. Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg add to the experience.

And of course, the most essential ingredient to enjoy a tiki cocktail? Some great company. Mini writes about food and wine

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