Indian dance is rich and fun: Jaja Vanková

Published May 29, 2015, 3:33 am IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:50 am IST
Step Up star will be seen in Disney ABCD’s Bindass Naach

Czech dancer and Step Up star Jaja Vanková will be seen in Disney ABCD’s Bindass Naach. She talks to us about dance, India and more...

What made you say yes to Bindass Naach?
I’ve never been to India before, so I was very excited to come here. Also, the concept of the show is very interesting.

Have you met or interacted with your co-stars?
Yes, I met them. We had some sessions where I saw the boys dance. They’re good dancers and if they work hard, with more practice and perseverance, they will go far in the competition.

Tell us about your dance background. How did you get the name ‘Robot Girl’?
Well I’ve always been the girl who does dance forms that are more male-dominated. When I got an offer for Step Up, they were looking for a girl who can do freestyle robot dance form and choreography. Women don’t do robots and so I got lucky (laughs).

Has your family always been supportive about your interest in dance?
My father was not really supporting me in the beginning because he didn’t believe in dance at first. My mother was always supportive though. When I got through America’s Best Dance Crew and actually won the show, that’s when my dad started to believe that dance can be a career.

How was the experience of shooting for Step Up?
It was a great experience as almost everyone was my friend. It was nice to work with people I know. It was very exhausting because shoots were about 16 hours a day. It was my first movie, so I was nervous in the beginning.
Are you aware of Indian dance forms? Have you tried any?

This week was the first time I learned Indian dance and I really enjoyed it. It’s very rich because the music is different, style is different and it is very much fun — all about the character. It’s also happy dance, so I really enjoyed it and I wish to learn more.