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A fun tour of the corporate world

Published May 27, 2015, 1:05 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 1:55 am IST
Rajeev Tamhankar
 Rajeev Tamhankar

Like his hero Sid, Rajeev Tamhankar is a corporate guy who decided to write about the life of an employee in the corporate world. In his book Get Corporated Before You Get Fired, the first-time author gives an account of the corporate work culture through Sid, whose quick promotion raises a few eyebrows. Rajeev is a silver medalist from IIT Roorkee and holds a Limca World Record for hand-drawing, with over 140 students and faculties, the world’s largest political map.

What led you to writing?
I used to read and write a lot as a kid. I had a collection of over 800 comics! Whenever I watched an interesting cartoon, I tried to jot down the story in my own words. In college, I wrote animation scripts.

The story of Sid — is it from your own experiences?
Not really. I tried to make Sid a character that every corporate employee could relate to. He is talented, ambitious and surrounded by colleagues who want to pull him down.

What made you write the book?
I started this Facebook page titled Get Corporated, to share some original jokes and articles on corporate humour. Later on,  I started writing corporate satires. The articles grew into chapters and chapters finally into the book.

A character you enjoyed creating most?
I enjoyed writing about Sid’s first boss, who is unabashed, selfish and knows how to turn the events in his favour.  

How did you deal with the anxieties of a first-time writer?
Writing, like any other work of art, requires a lot of confidence. It is absolutely necessary to remain positive about your creation.



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