‘Beefing’ over food rights

Group of Telugu writers and poets protest the beef ban

When the state of Maharashtra banned slaughtering of bullocks earlier this year, little did it think that it would face the ire of social media and the elite of the country? The Beef Ban has had a serious impact on a large section of society: Dalits and the cattle rearing industry.

With this in mind, the Telugu literary fraternity turned out at Lamakaan for an evening of protest — “Beef Bachao” — against the ban on cattle slaughtering, not just in Maharashtra, but in the country. Literary greats like Kancha Ilaiah, Joopaka Subhadra, P. Ravinder and others participated with poetry and songs, in solidarity with the people affected by the ban.

Poet and Dalit rights activist Joopika Subhadra said, “Beef is a food for the Dalits, Adivasis, and Muslims, as well as artists, political leaders and urban society. Around 50 per cent of people in India eat beef, which is a cheap, protein-rich food.”

“The Animal Protection Act, under which this ban has happened, doesn’t include chickens and dogs,” said Subhadra, “Aren’t they animals too? Subhadra talked about the polarising effect the ban has on society, with different communities being treated differently.

( Source : dc correspondent )
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