Watch: Sikh student who saved boy gets his own surprise

Published May 25, 2015, 4:57 pm IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 2:25 am IST
Harman Singh broke strict religious protocol to save a boy’s life
Harman Singh, 22, grabbed headlines around the world after a picture emerged of him using his turban to help a child who was caught up in a car accident. 
He found 6-year old Daejon Pahia lying on the road, after being hit by a car. The emergency services were called, and Singh removed his turban to cradle the child's head as paramedics tended to his wounds.
Singh, who removed his turban in order to help the injured boy who was bleeding after an accident has been given a very special surprise by a New Zealand TV station. 
During one of the interviews, viewers raised concerns about his home, which barely had any furniture, there were only a few plastic garden chairs in the living room, and Singh slept on a mattress on the floor.
The television channel partnered with a furniture shop and arranged for new furniture for Singh. In the video below, you can see singh teary-eyed and overwhelmed by the act of kindness. The news crew and the cameraman can also be seenc rying and the video proves that there is enough good still left in this world. 
Watch the video here: