Karnataka ghats: Youth clear trekking spots of plastic waste

A group of trekkers from Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchaya have initiated a clean campaign

MANGALURU: Discovering that most trekking spots turn into dumping place for wastes, group of trekkers from Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchaya have initiated a clean campaign along these places under the banner “Paschmia Ghatta Swatchata Abhiyan.”

Western Ghats has several trekking spots like Kodachadri, Kumaraparvatha, Kudremukh, Bisile and Charmadi. Hundreds of trekkers from various parts of the state and from outside visit these places every week. Though a few maintain cleanliness in these places, many dump leftovers, bottles and plastic carry bags while trekking spots, not only ruining the beauty of the place but also creating problems for the wildlife.

Though the first campaign was held at Bisile Ghat without a hullabaloo last month, organisers are planning to hold clean campaign at Charmadi Ghat on a large scale on Sunday with the help of likeminded organisations. “People go for trekking in Western Ghats but do not maintain cleanliness. If major projects like power plants are affecting the Western Ghats on a large scale, dumping of plastic and bottles too are affecting the environment.

People want to see nature but hardly contribute to ensure that it is clean,” Dinesh Holla, convener, told Deccan Chronicle adding, “These wastes not only harm the environment but also affect animals. There are incidents where animals like elephants get hurt because of glass pieces dumped by people in these spots. We will speak to officials of the forest department on the need to provide dust bins in trekking spots so that the environment is kept clean. On May 24 we will hold a campaign in the ghat section at Charmadi. As Shiradi Ghat is closed, vehicles move on Charmadi Ghat. Passengers throw plastic, bottles and other wastes from moving vehicle. To stop this damage to environment, we are holding the campaign on Sunday.”

( Source : dc )
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