Movie review '365 Days': Marital drama flops

365 Days is going to be another disappointment for RGV

Cast: Nandu, Anaika Soti, Posani Krishna Murali, Krishnudu, Satya Krishna
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Rating: 2 stars

Ram Gopal Varma this time has made a film about marriages and relationships. This is the first time the director has made a movie outside the mafia, faction, horror or thriller genres. The story revolves around a young couple Apoorv (Nandu) and Shreya (Anaika). Nandu is a software employee who meets Shreya at his friend’s (Krishnudu) party and falls in love with her. Both decide to marry and approach their parents, who give their blessing. Within few days of marriage, the misunderstandings start. Slowly the couple’s relationship sours. The rest of the story is whether the couple continue to live together or go their separate ways.

This is a new genre for Ram Gopal Varma as a director. The subject is a good one, as it is relatable. But the problem here is that RGV tells the story in a very flat manner which fails to sustain interest. The subject is emotional, but RGV has not handled it properly as there are no emotional scenes.

Nandu has done a good job and this film is a good one for him to showcase his talent. Anaika provides the glamour quotient, especially in songs. Posani Krishna Murali once again steals the show and entertains with his comic timing. Among the other characters, Satya Krishna and Geethanjali are good in supportive roles.

The dialogues are good but the music is average. 365 Days is going to be another disappointment for RGV. Though, he chooses a new genre, he disappoints, despite using his marriage and divorce for the film’s publicity!

( Source : dc )
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