Chinese man with 17 girlfriends arrested for fraud

One girl had been dating him for nine years and another had a son with him
Wellington: A Chinese man has been arrested for committing a fraud on 17 girlfriends simultaneously.
The Hunan man was exposed after doctors contacted his "loved" ones following an accident. All 17 ladies described themselves as his girlfriend, reports The incident made headlines last month.
One of his girlfriend's, Xiao Li, told a local paper that she was initially worried when she heard the news, but when she saw other beautiful girls turning up, her tears stopped.
Another woman, who had a child with the man, said that she felt helpless. She said she didn't love the man any more, but loved their son.
Though cheating doesn't break any legal laws in China, the man was arrested for committing a fraud on the women. The women have also set up a "revenge alliance" chat room.
They even found that he had been regularly taking money from each one of them
( Source : ANI )
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