Relax, there’s no poop in your beard

Experts give out a few helpful tips on how to maintain clean and hygienic facial hair
Hyderabad: A couple of weeks ago, the Internet was in a tangled web of follicle-based debates, when a news report online claimed that the average human beard had particles of poop in it. The report said that “several of the beards that were tested contained a lot of normal bacteria”, with a microbiologist claiming that “those are the types of things you’d find in (fecal matter)”.
The report was later proven wrong, with studies and reports saying that everyone had the same chances of attracting bacteria. Hygiene has always been a point of concern, and unkempt beards can lead to unwanted skin conditions. Dr Radha Shah, a consultant dermatologist with Apollo Hospitals, says, “Men who keep beards need to keep it as clean as they keep their scalps. It can invite conditions like dandruff, can give rise to itchiness, oiliness, small boils and a yellow discharge. Regular trimming also helps.”
And how do you keep clean? Hyderabad stylist Sonia Thapa’s tips include shampooing, conditioning, oiling and regular combing. “There are milder shampoos meant for beards and moustaches,” she says, “You can also use mild conditioners twice a week. The best thing is to use beard oil, which makes it shinier and healthier. To get rid of all the knots, dust and dirt, use a nice brush or comb.”
Beards have comeback in an unprecedented way, with Bollywood and Tollywood stars like Arjun Kapoor, Rana Daggubati and Ram Charan, as well as Indian cricketers Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan, sporting beards. In the city, closer shaven, beards are popular, Thapa says: “You can enhance your facial definition by shaping and sharpening your jaw line, and shaving up till the midway of your cheeks.” She adds that she worked with Allu Arjun who sported the look in S/O Satyamurthy.
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