Kovai’s young scientist shines in global events

Tenith Adithyaa's technology preserves banana leaves for about one year
COIMBATORE: Tenith Adithyaa, a 17-year-old high school innovator from Watrap, Virudhunagar district was invited by the United Nations to make a visit to its Vienna Headquarters this month based on his research and scientific regarding environment and sustainability.
His project on banana leaf technology, a novel eco-friendly technology keeps the banana leaf green for a year. “This could save 30 million trees per year. Leaves can last for a year without chemicals; an invention could make our life green. Naturally, leaves do not stay green long and it becomes dry in two-three days and is generally thrown away as waste,” he said.
He created a novel technology that preserves the banana leaves for about one year without any use of chemicals. This technology not only preserves leaves for longer availability and it also increase its durability, stretch ability, crushability, resistance to extreme temperatures, weight holding capacity, makes the banana leaf more convenient to make any utilities and thereby creating a new opportunity and marketplace for banana leaf based products. Temperature resistance test showed the processed leaf resists up to 222 degree C (indirect) and -32 degree C.
"From this technology we can reduce up to 59 per cent of plastic and 18 per cent of paper products. This technology saves 30 million trees, 2 million marine animals," he claims. He has made two world record attempts, 10 international awards, spoken at international summits, has three patented innovations, 17 new inventions, seven national awards and eight state awards.
For banana leaf technology, he bagged international first place as an individual inventor with gold medal and diploma. National Institute of Material Physics of Romania awarded his technology as the best for the future and hence he received technology for the future award. He has recently participated in three international events held in Georgia, Austria and Romania where he received six international awards.
( Source : dc correspondent )
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