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Kerala Police brutality triggers clashes

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Published on: May 20, 2015 | Updated on: Invalid date

Policemen were attacked with bottles and stones

Residents of Rajaji Nagar stage a blockade in front of Kaithari Bhavan. (Photo: DC)

Residents of Rajaji Nagar stage a blockade in front of Kaithari Bhavan. (Photo: DC)

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The suicide of a youth on Sunday night following the alleged torture at the Cantonment police station led to violent protest by the residents of Rajajinagar (Chenkalc-hoola), in which three policemen, including SI  Sivakumar,  were injured.  

Emotions ran high when policemen from the same station recorded the mahasar on the suicide of Jithu, 21,  who jumped from  the third floor of the Sahakrana Bhavan.

While taking  statements,  the police said  that the boy may have slipped off the building and fallen to his death. Also, the mahasar had no mention of the boy telling witnesses before killing himself that there was  no point in living further after being abused by the police.

Following this, over 100 residents, including wo-men, set up a blockade in front of Kaithari Bhavan alleging attempts to brush the case under the carpet.

Policemen were attacked with bottles and stones. A motorist who tried to defy the blockade was attacked with tube lights.

As per the version given by Jomon, who was taken into custody along with Jithu, they were arrested while they were driving under the influence. Police said that they were arrested for public nuisance after drinking.

"We were drunk and had no helmets. We were stopped and pulled up by the collar against  which we protested. We argued that a drunkard and a criminal can’t be treated the same. So they took us to the station and three policemen started physically assaulting us with lathis and boots for arguing with them," said Jomon.

Police commissioner H. Venkatesh said that action would  taken depending on the autopsy result. Other police officials injured in the protest were Aneesh and Shaju of the RAF.

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