Puri is all set for a hat-trick

Published May 18, 2015, 8:21 am IST
Updated Mar 29, 2019, 4:07 am IST
‘Mahesh is a terrific actor and I have seen the intensity in his eyes during Pokiri’
Mahesh Babu
 Mahesh Babu

Director Puri Jagannadh has taken the Telugu film industry by storm after announcing his third film with superstar Mahesh Babu

Your decision to collaborate again  with Mahesh Babu is the talk of the Telugu film industry.  What brings the two of you together again?
Mahesh is suitable for my new script. Moreover, we have been eager to collaborate again since a long time. As we have almost finished our prior commitments, we thought it’s the right time to get together for a hat-trick. When I narrated the story, he instantly agreed.

Ram Gopal Varma says,  it will be a never-seen-before kind of action film.
Yes. But more than the action sequences, it is the characterisation of the  hero that’s going to be kickass.

How will you make the action scenes more special?
Generally, I treat action sequences as a “scene” and that’s when an extraordinary action sequence  emerges. This time, we are planning the stunts keeping in mind the protagonist’s character, and  Mahesh Babu’s image. It will be memorable.

Do you consider Mahesh’s skills as an action star to be better than an actor?
Mahesh is a terrific actor and I have seen the intensity in his eyes during Pokiri and Businessman. As most of my characters are rebellious by  nature, he perfectly suits my vision of the protagonist. I consider him more as an action star, even though he is good in other genres too.


How much does he contribute to the overall look, feel and texture of your films?
Generally, the look, feel and texture of any of my films are my own vision. However, I am open to inputs and ideas, which Mahesh and I  usually discuss and lock at the script level itself.

What is your rapport with Mahesh Babu like? How does he compare with other heroes you have worked with?
Every actor is different in his or her own way.  I have had good experiences with every star I have worked with. Mahesh and I understand each other’s minds. My exact vision shows up on screen through his eyes. We are very comfortable working with each other.

How do you manage to maintain a momentum at the box-office?
I always go with my gut feeling and confidence in the subject.  The  consequences at the box-office is not in my hands.

What can  fans expect from Mahesh Babu and you this time?
As Pokiri and Businessman were  blockbusters, this new film is bound to have a huge expectation from the audience. The time too, they won’t be disappointed with the visual feast.