Watch: Go on a nostalgia trip with this unseen footage of 'DDLJ'

Published May 16, 2015, 2:32 pm IST
Updated Jan 10, 2016, 8:38 am IST
There is also a feature length documentary film in the making

Mumbai: After running for 1011 weeks and counting in India, Yash Raj Films’ iconic ‘DDLJ’ will finally be getting its very own documentary. Natasha Rathore, a graduating student of London Film School, has decided to make a crowd-funded feature length documentary on the Bollywood classic.

“The documentary will follow the same lines as the film from London, where Raj and Simran grew up to Switzerland, where they first met and then to India, where their story became a phenomenon. In London we will speak to Desis to understand the vibrant desi culture that they brought back from their homeland. In Switzerland we will speak to the many ‘Raj and Simrans’ who have retraced the steps of their favourite couple. In India we will talk to people to understand the immensity of the meaning to the generations who grew up with it, who loved it, who danced and grew up with the songs and dreamed of having a love like this,” says Natasha.


The idea of the documentary is not to understand the impact of the film across the globe, but to delve into a time capsule to understand what made it so popular.

YRF has kindly granted the students access to the archive files of the film, and the team has already released a short clip with some never before seen footage of the film.  Check it out here:

As the project is crowd-funded, Natasha also released a video appealing to the audience to help her create the film, and if the film manages to get distributed by YRF, London Film School has promised to use all the revenue to start a scholarship for talented Indian students who cannot afford film school.

Check out the video here: